Vacant Home Insurance, Vacant Building Insurance, Vacant Homeowners Insurance
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Vacant Home Insurance, Vacant Building Insurance, Vacant Homeowners Insurance

VHIN is an independent insurance agent that represents major insurance companies who provide a unique vacant home insurance policy created for a residence or building that is vacant or empty and that needs to be insured for over $150,000 in value, and for over three months. The vacant home insurance policy offers features you will not find anywhere else and specific to your vacant home, vacant dwelling, and vacant building situation.

Look no further for insurance for your vacant property, home, building, or dwelling. Contact us for a vacant home insurance policy estimate.

Don't Rely On Your Existing Home Insurance Policy

Your regular homeowners insurance policy will quickly reduce or terminate your coverage if your home or building becomes vacant or unoccupied. In some cases, coverage is lost in just 30 days.

Insurance Companies Don't Like Unoccupied Homes

Most "regular" insurance companies won't even insure a vacant home. Those that do provide watered down coverage at very high premiums. There are reasons to work with a vacant home insurance specialist.

Are We A Good Fit For Your Vacant Home Situation

Our customers understand the vacant home insurance market is filled with limited coverage policies that leave owners exposed to risk. Our clients are willing to pay a bit more for a fully comprehensive and high quality vacant dwelling policy. Buying cheap vacant home insurance is not worth the risk on your largest investment - your home!

Vacant Home Insurance

Most homeowners are not aware that their house needs special insurance coverage if it becomes unoccupied, vacant, or someone else is living in the home. This type of insurance is called vacant homeowners insurance. If your home becomes vacant, some homeowners insurance policies will cease coverage if your home is left empty for just 30 days! The large homeowners insurance companies don't like to insure vacant homes. (Most don't provide the coverage at all.) Those that do, offer very limited coverage at very expensive premium rates. To insure your vacant home and give you the right advice on what policy will work best for your situation, you need the help of an experienced team who understands vacant homeowners insurance policies.

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We have the solution for your situation. We have vacant building insurance programs that offer the highest degree of coverage, affordable rates, and a very simple application process.

Insurance Fact: If your home has been empty, unoccupied, or vacant for over 90 days in most cases the existing insurance policy should be immediately cancelled, and a vacant home insurance policy needs to be put into effect. If you file a claim and the insurance company finds out no one was living in the house, they may pay only part of the claim or deny the claim altogether.

Right now, there are thousands of homes in the United States with no insurance coverage, but the homeowner believes they are completely protected with good insurance coverage. How can this be? In these situations, the owner does not understand the provisions of his/her current homeowners insurance policy, and has not thought to approach the existing insurance company to ask about a situation where the home is vacant or not being lived in. In most of these cases the owner will find that he/she has no coverage in the event of a catastrophic loss (like fire).

We can offer applicants the following programs:

  • Vacant Home Insurance: (aka Vacant Building Insurance or Vacant Property Insurance) A special insurance policy written on a home that is not being lived in. A vacant home insurance policy is the only way to properly protect a house that is not occupied. The vacant home insurance policy refers to any condo, row home, town home, townhouse, vacation property, rental property, building, lot, or any property that remains vacant.
  • Landlord / Tenant Policy: For a house where the owner of the home does not live in the house, and the owner has found a tenant or boarder for the duration of the time away from home. Again, special coverage will be required and in almost all cases you cannot keep your existing homeowners insurance policy without making a change. You will need to switch over to a landlord-tenant policy if you have a friend (or even a relative) living in the house.

In addition to the vacant homeowners policies above, we offer many different types of highly specialized vacant homeowners insurance. Please view all vacant insurance policies and programs we provide.

Please explore the pages of this website for reasons why vacant building insurance and vacant home insurance coverage is essential, and how we can be of assistance in obtaining it. If you have a vacant condo, office, high value home, town home, townhouse, row home, or any type of building or property, we can help you find the best vacant home insurance policy available for your specific situation and needs.

Free Vacant Home Insurance Quote
You know you need some type of vacant home insurance but are not sure what the policy is called? You are not alone as many consumers don't know what the right name is for a vacant home policy. Following is a list of insurance industry terms which all refer to the same type of program: vacant building insurance, vacant property insurance, vacant dwelling insurance, vacant homeowners insurance, unoccupied home insurance, empty home insurance, vacant house insurance, empty house insurance.